THE headphone company. 


Founded in 1991, Ultrasone started out with a simple mission: to create the best headphones available. Since then they have strived to create innovative products of exceptional quality, designed specifically to meet the tastes and needs of each and every customer.


Ultrasone is headquartered in Wielenbach, close to the Alps in Southern Germany. This is where the renowned Edition, Signature, Performance, HFI, Pro, DJ and in-ear headphones are designed. 


Each Edition headphone released by Ultrasone is as much a work of art as it is a piece of advanced technology, combining exquisite materials with exceptional, pain-staking workmanship.


All Ultrasone designs are created in house, with all of the precision and complexity required to meet the original mission statement conceived back in 1991 - to create the best headphones possible. And while materials, craftsmanship and passion are good, nothing is more important than the sound. 


Ultrasone not only creates the ultimate headphones, they do so across a range of products, to suit specific customer needs and budgets.


To be able to manufacture headphones to suit each market, Ultrasone separates production between Germany, Taiwan and China, with strict quality control imposed across all sites to ensure the highest standards are met.


Ultrasone really does offer something for everyone without compromise on any of the factors which, taken together, make THE ultimate headphone.




Advisory Product Warranty Coverage


Only products purchased from an authorised Australian or New Zealand Ultrasone reseller will be honored under our warranty program. Authorised Ultrasone resellers are not permitted to offer merchandise through eBay or Trade Me; hence any products purchased this way are not covered under our warranty program.


Please contact us for verification of a reseller's status.


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THE headphone company.

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